A Multi-Scale Feature Attention Image Recognition Algorithm

MingYuan Xin, Ling Weay Ang, Sellappan Palaniappan

1 - 7

Impact of green building certification on the rent of commercial properties: A review

Thebuwena Arachchige Chandana Hemantha Jayakody, Anthony Vaz

8 - 28

Dropout Prediction Model for College Students in MOOCs Based on Weighted Multi-feature and SVM

Zhang Yujiao, Ling Weay Ang, Shi Shaomin, Sellappan Palaniappan

29 - 42

AIRA: An Intelligent Recommendation Agent Application for Movies

Ayesha Anees Zaveri, Ramsha Mashood, Sarama Shehmir, Misbah Parveen, Naveera Sami, Mobeen Nazar

72 - 89

A Cost-Based Dual ConvNet-Attention Transfer Learning Model for ECG Heartbeat Classification

Johnson Olanrewaju Victor, XinYing Chew, Khai Wah Khaw, Ming Ha Lee

90 - 110

The Assistance of Eye Blink Detection for Two- Factor Authentication

Wei-Hoong Chuah, Siew-Chin Chong, Lee-Ying Chong

111 - 121

A Marker Free Visual-based Home Rehabilitation Framework

Roy Kwang Yang Chang, Kok Swee Sim, Siong Hoe Lau

122 - 128

GenReGait: Gender Recognition using Gait Features

Yue Fong Ti, Tee Connie, Michael Kah Ong Goh

129 - 140

Ensuring Privacy and Security on Banking Websites in Malaysia: A Cookies Scanner Solution

Yi Hong Tay, Shih Yin Ooi, Ying Han Pang, Ying Huey Gan, Sook Ling Lew

153 - 167

Traffic Impact Assessment System using Yolov5 and ByteTrack

Jin Jie Ng, Kah Ong Michael Goh, Connie Tee

168 - 188

Multi-Label Classification with Deep Learning for Retail Recommendation

Zhi Yuan Poo, Choo Yee Ting, Yuen Peng Loh , Khairil Imran Ghauth

218 - 232

Workplace Preference Analytics Among Graduates

Sin Yin Ong, Choo Yee Ting, Hui Ngo Goh, Albert Quek, Chin Leei Cham

233 - 248

QR Food Ordering System with Data Analytics

Chee-Chun Wong, Lee-Ying Chong, Siew-Chin Chong, Check-Yee Law

249 - 272

Utilizing Fuzzy Algorithm for Understanding Emotional Intelligence on Individual Feedback

Elham Abdulwahab Anaam, Su-Cheng Haw, Kok-Why Ng, Palanichamy Naveen, Rasha Thabit

273 - 283