AIRA: An Intelligent Recommendation Agent Application for Movies

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Ayesha Anees Zaveri
Ramsha Mashood
Sarama Shehmir
Misbah Parveen
Naveera Sami
Mobeen Nazar


An intelligent Recommendation App has been developed to assist caregivers. This project's primary objective is to assist parents in determining whether a particular movie/cartoon/drama is adequate for their children by providing ratings that will assist them in identifying age-appropriate content. This application will provide reliable evaluations, reviews, and recommendations to parents. Each rating and review are based on fundamental, essential child development principles. Intelligent Recommendation Agent aids families in making intelligent media selections. It provides the most extensive and reliable database of learning ratings, age recommendations, and content evaluations for films, television series, and dramas. In addition, there will be a list of abusive words from the content with its subtitles so that parents can identify appropriate content for children. By limiting their child's exposure to violent acts, parents can play a positive role in their child's life by using this application. Movies with positive role models can also have a positive effect on children.

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Zaveri, A. A., Mashood, R., Shehmir, S., Parveen, M., Sami, N., & Nazar, M. (2023). AIRA: An Intelligent Recommendation Agent Application for Movies. Journal of Informatics and Web Engineering, 2(2), 72–89.