Ensuring Privacy and Security on Banking Websites in Malaysia: A Cookies Scanner Solution

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Yi Hong Tay
Shih Yin Ooi
Ying Han Pang
Ying Huey Gan
Sook Ling Lew


In this new era of science and technology, data can be said to be an extremely valuable asset for individuals, corporations, and even countries. Different parties attempt to obtain users' data occasionally, and the collection of web cookies is a prominent example. When users use a computer network, their data will be saved by the web server as cookies, including their private information. As people with bad intentions obtain this information, they can use it to commit cybercrimes and cause losses to the information owners. Thus, cookies management is vital for web users to protect their data. This paper proposes a cookies scanner for banking websites in Malaysia to help web users manage cookies. The scope is focused on banking websites as it is the most targeted website by cybercriminals. The proposed scanner will help users identify, understand, and manage cookies to keep their banking information safe. This paper explores existing cookie scanners to determine the proposed system's design and identify improvement areas. In this paper, we proposed a framework to develop the cookie scanner in the browser extension format. The system's access mode, workflow, functionalities, technical specifications, and requirements are discussed throughout the paper. To show our contribution, a copy of the proposed code implementation has been made available at https://github.com/gnohiy/cookies-scanner-for-banking-websites-in-malaysia.git.

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Tay, Y. H., Ooi, S. Y., Pang, Y. H., Gan, Y. H., & Lew, S. L. (2023). Ensuring Privacy and Security on Banking Websites in Malaysia: A Cookies Scanner Solution. Journal of Informatics and Web Engineering, 2(2), 153–167. https://doi.org/10.33093/jiwe.2023.2.2.12
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