Focus and Scope

The Journal of Communication, Language, and Culture (JCLC) is a peer-reviewed, open access publication welcoming scholarly contributions from both emerging and established researchers worldwide. As a multidisciplinary platform, JCLC focuses on the interplay of communication, language, and culture, encouraging diverse methodologies and perspectives, including qualitative, quantitative, critical, and textual analyses.

Research Areas:

  • Communication: Encompasses strategic and corporate communication, public relations, mass and health communication, political and visual communication, digital media, social networks, cultural communication, and the interrelation of communication technology with society.

  • Language: Covers applied linguistics, bilingualism, multilingualism, education, technology applications, child development, cultural studies, discourse analysis, legal studies, language evolution, linguistic anthropology, philosophy, language politics, semiotics, and sociolinguistics.

  • Culture: Focuses on cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, community development, intercultural communication and education, technology, child development, semiotics, psychology, social psychology, philosophy, and cross-cultural communication.

JCLC aims to serve as a vibrant forum for the multidisciplinary exploration of communication, language, and culture, catering to a diverse readership across these fields.