1. The role of peer review in scholarly publishing is crucial to ensure that all manuscripts submitted are high quality papers. Reviewers evaluate and provide feedback on manuscripts submitted according to the publishing criteria of each journal, validity of the research done and the completeness of the research presented.
  2. Manuscripts submitted are subjected to a double-blind peer review process.  Thus, the identities of reviewers are withheld from author(s) and vice versa.  All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two reviewers.  The whole double-blind peer review process will take 14 working days to complete.  However, a reviewer may request from the Editor-in-Chief for more time to review a paper, if required.   
  3. All author(s) are advised to avoid multiple submissions of the same article. All manuscripts submitted will undergo the following peer review process:
    1. Multiple submissions of the same article will not be tolerated.
    2. Manuscripts submitted must be written within the scope and publishing criteria of each journal, failing which, will not be considered for review.
    3. Each manuscript submitted will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers who are subject matter experts of the articles’ research area.
    4. The Editor-in-Chief’s decision on publication, made based on reviewers’ report, is final.
    5. Authors of rejected papers will be promptly notified.
    6. All manuscripts submitted are checked for plagiarism.  Manuscripts with a similarity index of more than 10% will be rejected. Details with regards to plagiarism can be read from our Plagiarism Policy.