1. Authors may provide data and/or related materials to enhance reporting in an article.
  2. Questionable/Incorrect Data Practices:
    1. If an investigation report is received to recommend retraction of article due to questionable/incorrect data practices, Editor-in-Chief shall check the research work presented in the article, and find if there is anything obviously incorrect.
    2. If the investigation report shows sound evidence that the data is fake or manipulated, then the article shall be retracted.
    3. If the data is suspected not correct but no way to validate it, then Editor-in-Chief will issue an expression of concern.
  3. Inappropriateness and Reproducibility Issue of Research Methodology
    1. If an investigation report is received to express concern on inappropriateness and reproducibility of research methodology, Editor-in-Chief shall contact the corresponding author of the article to provide a clear explanation of how the research is conducted so that it could be reproduced persistently by others.
    2. Editor-in-Chief will invite at least a post-publication peer review to specifically comment on the methodology that has been clarified by the authors.