A full double-blind refereeing process is used. All submissions that are relevant to the focus and scope of IPBSS, as well as adhered to the Guidelines for Authors will be sent to two reviewers from the relevant fields. Reviewers are requested to practise transparency and integrity in discharging their duty, declaring any possible competing interest that may interfere with their judgement. They are also requested to write their comments so as to be informative and helpful to the authors. For papers which require changes, the same reviewers will be used to ensure that the quality of the revised paper is acceptable. The reviewers are to provide recommendations that would determine the key decision. The specific decision types used by a journal will vary but the key decisions are: accepted, major correction, minor correction, or reject. The typical time taken to review is about 4-6 weeks.

The journal adheres to a strict policy of keeping all internal roles in the journal independent of the financial contributions one may make. Assignment of any internal roles (such as reviewer, editor, etc.) depends exclusively on demonstrated competence, along with interest in the journal's aims and scholarly engagement with the journal.