Awareness and perception of alternative dispute resolution methods in Penang

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Lei Ping Leow


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods serve as cheaper and faster options to settle disputes in place of litigation. Although the local government and relevant ADR bodies in Malaysia have been taking initiatives to promote ADR to lighten overloaded courts’ load and create a peaceful and harmonious society, the awareness level still leaves room for improvement. This study aimed to investigate the perception and awareness level of ADR in Penang. Questionnaires were distributed to the course participants of an ADR training course in Penang. The analysis shows that while a large majority of the participants were aware of ADR before enrolling in the course, more than half of them believed that ADR methods were not actively utilised in Malaysia while about two-thirds believed that the general public was not aware of such options. Actions such as more media campaigns and greater institutional support should be undertaken to educate and heighten the public’s awareness about the ADR’s availability, processes and functions so that they could be translated into greater usage.

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Leow, L. P. (2024). Awareness and perception of alternative dispute resolution methods in Penang. Issues and Perspectives in Business and Social Sciences, 4(1), 28–42.
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