Knowledge Mapping of Board Governance Research: A Visual Analysis Using CiteSpace

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Yawei He
Sunita Lylia Hamdan
Sellywati Mohd Faizal


Based on the bibliometric and visualization analysis of relevant board governance research literature from 2003 to 2022, this study summarizes and outlines the knowledge structure, hot topics, and future research directions in the field of board governance. The research findings indicate that the publication volume in the field of board governance has shown an exponential growth trend, which highlights the increasing importance and research demand in this area. Company performance has become a critical topic in the field of board governance research. Furthermore, collaboration and communication among research institutions promote knowledge sharing and enhance the quality of board governance research. Through keyword clustering and burst analysis, corporate governance, ownership, and firm performance are identified as crucial keywords in the field of board governance, highlighting researchers' emphasis on improving corporate governance systems, optimizing ownership structures, and enhancing firm performance. Moreover, gender diversity, boards of directors, and corporate governance are identified as research hotspots, indicating scholars' attention to board structures and institutional designs, as well as the value of female directors' participation in board governance. Finally, sustainable development and green governance are recognized as frontier trends in board governance research, underscoring the importance placed on corporate social responsibility and environmental impact, as well as the role of boards in driving sustainable development. These research findings provide important insights for academia, practitioners, and policymakers, driving the development of board governance theories and continuous improvements in practice to achieve sustainable development goals for companies.

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He, Y., Hamdan , S. L., & Mohd Faizal , S. (2023). Knowledge Mapping of Board Governance Research: A Visual Analysis Using CiteSpace. International Journal of Management, Finance and Accounting, 4(2), 206–224.
Management, Finance and Accounting