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Hasni Mohd Hanafi
Azman Jantan


Rebung Garden, a family business established in 2019, has grown into a thriving enterprise dedicated to cultivating and selling rose plants. The garden's expertise lies in not only growing exquisite roses but also providing comprehensive plant care solutions using organic practices. In order to address the challenge of limited rose availability during the Covid-19 pandemic, Rebung Garden started cultivating their own-root roses, ensuring a steady supply and maintaining quality and variety. However, the garden faces additional challenges such as low brand awareness and operating within limited space.

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Mohd Hanafi, H., & Jantan, A. (2024). Rebung Garden : Blooming Dreams: DOI: International Journal of Management, Finance and Accounting, 5(1), 1–14.
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Azman Jantan, Founder, Rebung Garden

Mr Azman Jantan is the Head of Operation/Founder of Rebung Garden. This rose nursery was established in late 2019.