Understanding Household’s Intention of Recycling Clothes: An Extension of TPB with Lack of Facilities and Social Media Usage

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Muhammad Dhia Afiq bin Mohd Iza Ney
Sangeetha A/P Karunagaran
Shannon Praveen
Siow-Hooi Tan


This research note addresses the gap in the household’s intention to recycle clothes in the Malaysian context. It examines the intention of recycling clothes by integrating lack of facilities and social media usage into The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) framework. An online survey was developed and distributed throughout Malaysia via social media platforms, and data was collected from 148 respondents. They were then screened and analysed. Subjective norms, perceived behavioural control, and social media usage positively impacted the intention, and the lack of facilities negatively impacted intention. This study offers insights into the literature and responds to the call to investigate household intention to recycle clothes.

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