Consumers' Intention to Continue Using Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallets in Malaysia

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Nabila Ghaisani
Rathimala Kannan
Firdaus Basbeth


In Malaysia, over RM 800 million transactions were processed in one cryptocurrency platform. The central bank of Malaysia has made e-payment one of its top targets to execute a cashless payment system. However, an in-depth analysis of the literature shows a dearth of research focusing on the influencers of cryptocurrency mobile wallet acceptance, especially the intention to use them continuously. Therefore, this study uses the Post-Acceptance Model of IS Continuance to determine the elements influencing the continuance intention of cryptocurrency mobile wallets in Malaysia. This research also investigates the impact of perceived security, effort expectations, and social influence on the intention to continue the usage of cryptocurrency mobile wallets. The empirical evidence from 106 current cryptocurrency respondents shows that: (1) perceived security and satisfaction are significant factors of continuance intention, and (2) performance expectancy, effort expectancy, and social influence are insignificant factors of continuance intention. It reveals perceived security as one of the critical elements in continuance intention in the cryptocurrency field.

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Financial Economics