1. Student-led Gamification in the Undergraduate Design History Course
Tan Wee Hoe

2. A Case Study on Web-based Learning Environment Evaluation in Higher Education: Learner Perspectives in a Private University in Malaysia
Zarina Che Embi, Tse-Kian Neo, Mai Neo

3. Sense of Place in Place Making of Creative Mutimedia Foundation Studies Annual Exhibition
Elyna Amir Sharji, Lim Yan Peng, Peter Charles Woods, Vimala Perumal, Rose Linda Zainal Abidin

4. The impact of Implementing T.E.A.M. Framework Towards Virtual Learning Environment
Cheryl Chan, Vincent Chan, Tai Hen Toong

5. Film Review – Karya, a Film by Abror Rivai: Calmly Waiting for the Community
Hassan Muthalib


Published: 2020-09-30