Review on Present-day Breast Cancer Detection Techniques

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Wai Ti Chan


Breast cancer remains a prevalent health complication among the female population. Early and reliable detection in an individual is necessary for effective treatment. Thus, R&D into techniques for detection of breast cancer continues to the present. Non-invasive techniques include tactile examinations, electromagnetic scanning and checks for chemical markers. Invasive techniques include biopsies that extract tissue and liquid samples. These techniques have limitations and setbacks that are being addressed with supplementary or complementary techniques. Like the pre-existing techniques, these techniques also rely on comparison of data between control samples and afflicted patients to measure their reliability. Therefore, R&D efforts towards detection of breast cancer have resulted in incremental improvements on established methodologies.

[Manuscript received: 25 January 2024 | Accepted: 13 March 2024 | Published: : 30 April 2024]

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Chan, W. T. (2024). Review on Present-day Breast Cancer Detection Techniques. International Journal on Robotics, Automation and Sciences, 6(1), 94–101.


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