Smart Manufacturing with Smart Technologies – A Review

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chockalingam Palanisamy


The application of smart technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing (CC), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Big Data (BD), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in production is known as "smart manufacturing" (SM). This article examines how SM changed as a result of the advancement of these technologies. This review summarises the development of each technology before explaining how SM made these technologies possible. The final topic is the future improvements for Industry 4.0. With the purpose of elucidating next-generation smart manufacturing, this review will make an effort to respond to these questions, i.e., present date of resources in manufacturing and the difficulties associated with using smart technology in manufacturing.



(Manuscript received: 1st November 2022 | Accepted: 27 July 2023 | Published: 30 September 2023)

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Palanisamy, chockalingam. (2023). Smart Manufacturing with Smart Technologies – A Review. International Journal on Robotics, Automation and Sciences, 5(2), 85–88.


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