Promoting Positive Values while Emphasising on Aesthetical Perspectives in University Students through Adaptation of Knowles Seven Step Process of Andragogical Approach                                  
Juhanita Jiman


Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Serious Game for Obesity Prevention among Preschool Children
Wang Yanzhen & Maizatul Hayati bt. Mohamad Yatim


Understanding the Potential of Music Learning Application as a Tool for Learning and Practicing Musical Skills
Yun Yi Tan & Sinthu Thiruvarul


The Portrayal of Claustrophobic Behaviours and Events in Film 
Juvenah Washti Seran, Vimala Perumal & Koo Ah-Choo


Film Review – The Green Ray, By Eric Rohmer: An Attempt to Find the Real Story 69
Nazirull Safry Paijo & Hassan Muthalib

Published: 2021-04-30