A Comparative Study on the Concept of Accountability Between Vietnam and Japan

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Hoan My Linh Kim


This paper aims to describe the civil servant reform process in Vietnam. Also, the government concentrated on accountability of the public administration aligning with the civil servant system’s development. With the specialty of the socialist country, the concept and characteristics of accountability have contained uniqueness, especially in the Japanese paradigm. Thus, this paper will investigate accountability from the perspective of civil servants’ duties in Vietnam. In the comparative legal study, the research also refers to Japanese experiences. Some legal problems of accountability related to the civil servant law scheme will be pointed out to understand further obstacles of Vietnam in public administration reform over twenty years.

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Kim, H. M. L. (2023). A Comparative Study on the Concept of Accountability Between Vietnam and Japan. Asian Journal of Law and Policy, 3(1), 21–37. https://doi.org/10.33093/ajlp.2023.2
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