Parametric Study of Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collector Using An Improved Parallel Flow

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Sakhr Mohammed Sultan
Chih Ping Tso
Ervina Efzan Mohd Noor
Fadhel Mustafa Ibrahim
Saqaff Ahmed Alkaff


Photovoltaic Thermal Solar Collector (PVT) is a hybrid technology used to produce electricity and heat simultaneously. Current enhancements in PVT are to increase the electrical and thermal efficiencies. Many PVT factors such as type of absorber, thermal conductivity, type of PV module and operating conditions are important parameters that can control the PVT performance. In this paper, an analytical model, using energy balance equations, is studied for PVT with an improved parallel flow absorber. The performance is calculated for a typical sunny weather in Malaysia. It was found that the maximum electrical and thermal efficiencies are 12.9 % and 62.6 %, respectively. The maximum outlet water temperature is 59 oC.


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