About the Journal

We are proposing an online Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Physics (JETAP) under Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University, Melaka campus. JETAP is an online peer-reviewed research journal aiming to promote the original high quality experimental and/or theoretical research in all disciplines of engineering, technology and applied physics. It publishes two times a year in electronic form.

Subject areas suitable for publication include but are not limited to the following fields:

Electronic & Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Nano engineering, Modeling & Simulations, Materials Science, Applied Physics, Information Technology etc.

Number of Issue: Two issues in a year

Publication Fee: JETAP is FREE for online publication (No Submission/Review/Page Charge).

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33093/jetap

e-ISSN: 2682 8383

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts should be written in English and submitted to online submission portal.



Publication Ethics Statement


Journal of Engineering Technology and Applied Physics (JETAP) is an online bi-annual journal (eISSN: 2682-8383), being published in the months of June and December by Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University under MMU Press. JETAP takes all stages of publishing and ethical responsibilities seriously. Articles published in JETAP are free for users to read, download, search or link to the full texts for any educational/non-commercial purposes.

Duties of Editors and Editorial Board Members

  • Submitted manuscripts are evaluated solely on the basis of the academic merit and relevance to the journal’s scope.
  • The Editor-in-Chief has full authority on the whole editorial content of the journal.
  • Editorial board members are responsible to ensure that any information about a submitted manuscript will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • Editorial board members will not use unpublished information in a submitted manuscript for their own research purposes.
  • The editors ensure that all submitted manuscripts undergo peer-review by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field.
  • The Editor-in-Chief is responsible in deciding on whether a submitted manuscript will be published based on the reviewers’ comments, plagiarism, etc.
  • Editors will take responsive measures when ethical concerns are raised.

Duties of Reviewers

  • Reviews should be made objectively and inspections written clearly with supporting arguments so that authors can use them to improve the manuscripts.
  • Reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors.
  • A reviewer should notify the editors of any substantial similarity in the submitted manuscript.
  • Any invited referee who feels unqualified to review the research reported in a manuscript should immediately notify the editors and decline the invitation to review.
  • Any manuscripts received for review are confidential documents.

Duties of Authors

  • Authors of original research should present a logical research methodology, accurate results and discussions on the significance of work. The manuscript should contain sufficient details and references to allow others to reproduce similar work.
  • Authors may be requested to provide the raw data of their study together with the manuscript for editorial review.
  • Authors should ensure that they have written and submitted entirely original work. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is not acceptable.
  • Submission of a manuscript concurrently to more than one journal is unethical publishing behaviour and is not acceptable. 
  • Only persons who satisfy these authorship criteria should be listed as authors in the manuscript.
  • The corresponding author should ensure that all co-authors have agreed to the manuscript submission for publication.
  • Authors are obliged to participate in the peer review process and cooperate fully by responding to editors’ requests.
  • When authors encounter significant errors in their own published work, it is their obligation to notify the journal’s editors and cooperate with them to correct the paper.

Duties of the Publisher

  • The publisher and the editors will take appropriate measures to clarify the situation and amend the articles in cases of proven scientific misconduct or plagiarism.
  • The publisher is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly research and ensures accessibility by maintaining a digital archive.


Article Withdrawal Policy

Articles that have been published shall remain extant, exact and unaltered as far as possible. Our official archive at the Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia will retain all article versions.

Peer Review Policy

JETAP uses double-blind peer review process which means that both the reviewers and authors identities are hidden throughout the review process. All submitted papers will be reviewed by double blind peer review process which may take two weeks from the date of submission.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the unethical act of copying somebody else’s ideas, research methodology, results or words without explicit acknowledgement of the original author and source. All manuscripts submitted for publication to JETAP are cross-checked for plagiarism using TurnItin software. If an author is found to be suspected of plagiarism in a submitted manuscript, JETAP shall contact the author for explanation within two weeks and further action will be taken.


All rights reserved. No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means including photocopying or by any information storage without the prior written permission from the copyright owner.

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Author Guides For Preparation Of Manuscript

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Text (Introduction, Literature Review, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussions, Acknowledgement, References etc.)

Figures/Photographs (TTIF/JPG/GIF format)



You can email to ahyou@mmu.edu.my or jetap2019@gmail.com to get the (or download here) journal template in MS Word format.