2. Life Case: Inelastic Collision based Automobile Crash Detection and Alert System via 3G Network



  • Kesavakumar Sivalingam Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University.
  • Siva Priya Thiagarajah Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University.
  • Azwan Mahmud Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Multimedia University.


Inelastic collision, 3G connectivity, IoT, Raspberry Pi, Android application


Abstract - Accident detection and alert systems that can pinpoint the whereabouts of an accident are crucial to ensure the concerned authorities are informed instantaneously about the occurrence of an accident, in order for the deployment of emergency response to save lives in the least amount of time. A 3G incorporated accident detection system, known as Life Case is designed to discover the accidents between automobiles and, send the timestamp, and the actual position of an accident, to a developed android application built using Android Studio, via a cloud database. The alert message is presented using Google Maps which helps user to save plenty of time through easy navigation feature towards the accident location. Life Case measures the acceleration of an automobile during a collision using the Theory of Inelastic Collision.



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