No. 5 Convolutional Neural Network-based Transfer Learning and Classification of Visual Contents for Film Censorship

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Hor Sui Lyn
Sarina Mansor
Nouar AlDahoul
Hezerul Abdul Karim


Content filtering is gaining popularity due to easy exposure of explicit visual contents to the public. Excessive exposure of inappropriate visual contents can cause devastating effects such as the growth of improper mindset and rise of societal issues such as free sex, child abandonment and rape cases. At present, most of the broadcasting media sites are hiring censorship editors to label graphic contents manually. Nevertheless, the efficiency is limited by factors such as the attention span of humans and the training required for the editors. This paper proposes to study the effect of usage of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) as feature extractor coupled with Support Vector Machine (SVM) as classifier in an automated pornographic detection system. Three CNN architectures: MobileNet, Visual Geometry Group-19 (VGG-19) and Residual Network-50 Version 2 (ResNet50_V2), and two classifiers: CNN and SVM were utilized to explore the combination that produce the best result. Frames of films fed as input into the CNN were classified into two groups: porn or non-porn. The best accuracy was 92.80 % obtained using fine-tuned ResNet50_V2 as feature extractor and SVM as classifier. Transfer learning and SVM have improved the CNN model by approximately 10 %.

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