No. 4 Study of Temperature Measurement Accuracy by Using Different Mounting Adhesives

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Jeevan Kanesalingam
See Fung Lee
Hock Guan Ho


Thermal compounds are adhesive used to improve heat conduction between two surfaces. It can be used to secure a thermocouple to a surface which the temperature is being measured. This paper studies the temperature accuracy when using different types of thermal adhesives to secure thermocouples to a metal surface. An aluminum block attached to heater resistors was heated up by supplying varying power levels to create different temperatures. The measured temperature is compared to a reference thermocouple in the aluminum block to check the accuracy of each thermocouple when it is secured with different adhesives. It was found using the Loctite 3873 to secure a thermocouple to a metal surface will produce the most accurate temperature reading with an error below 2.6oC. This enables researchers to use the appropriate adhesive to obtain the most accurate results and also to know what are the errors contributed by different adhesives.


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