Understanding the Process of Designing Multimedia Gallery using Multimedia Gallery Framework

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Elyna Amir Sharji
Ah Choo Koo
Dendi Permadi


Designing spatial layout environment for multimedia galleries involves understanding of the design process, and the implementation of design concepts into architectural design sketches and 3-dimensional visualizations. Consideration for visitors’ experience significantly improves the space treatment and usage. This research focuses on designing multimedia galleries based on the six basic spatial layouts, inclusive of gallery affordance component in the multimedia gallery framework. The objectives of this research are; i). To establish the preliminary design process and expression of ideas via 3-dimensional visualizations and ii). To assess the understanding of designing multimedia galleries. The research methodology is conducted in two phases; preliminary phase one which is the architectural design process phase which includes study of the design brief, site appreciation, users’ needs, spatial requirements and design intention. The design concepts are then translated into in 3-dimensional visualizations for better understanding of spatial layout and the environment. Phase two assesses students’ understanding through an open ended survey. In this research, Virtual Reality Design 1 students from Faculty of Creative Multimedia were guided in the preliminary design stage. They were briefed on the concept of multimedia gallery framework, overall design process and underwent critique sessions during the design development. The final design was finalized from a selection of alternatives and materialized in 3-dimensional visualization images and walk-through video. An open ended survey was distributed to the students after they have completed their final design. In this survey, thoughts and ideas of their concept and design were collected and processed. Visitors’ experience is also one of the important components in this study. Findings from the survey contribute to the process of designing and developing multimedia galleries by investigating design students’ understanding of visitors’ experience in their design. This research is conducted and limited to a group of semester one virtual reality students. The visualizations are also created based on basic knowledge of 3-dimensional tools. Significance of this study will benefit design students, artists and curators of multimedia galleries and the built environment, as well as establishes ground for future works.

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Sharji, E. A., Koo, A. C., & Permadi, D. (2023). Understanding the Process of Designing Multimedia Gallery using Multimedia Gallery Framework. International Journal of Creative Multimedia, 4(2), 88–104. https://doi.org/10.33093/ijcm.2023.4.2.6