Social Media Dimension of Video Made by Tourist (An Amateur)

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Muhammad Hasanuddin Bin Dzulkafly


Ever since the emergence of mobile technology, there has been a noticeable surge in tourists capturing live videos while on vacation. Despite the fact that online video diaries (vlogs) have become a highly popular form of media content, particularly among youthful audiences, the nature and usage of these live short snippets are not well understood. Seeking to analyse the potential of these amateur videos for the purpose of tourism, this essay aims first to find out the reactions of users towards these short videos and subsequently analyse how these live videos and stories influence the audiences’ opinions and behaviours. Variations of the analysis in terms of parasocial responses, delight, and immersion were conducted with video content prepared in an unedited or simple manner ("amateur") and meticulously edited ("professional"). Regarding the majority of these factors, I notice that the reviews for the amateur video are significantly more positive and influential. The findings indicate the impact of live videos and stories in conveying genuineness, enhancing tourism encounters, augmenting destination appeal, and shaping a captivating destination impression.

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Bin Dzulkafly, M. H. . (2023). Social Media Dimension of Video Made by Tourist (An Amateur) . International Journal of Creative Multimedia, 4(1), 45–57.