Special Issue: #ANTARA 2019

Theme: The Gait of Light


The International Journal of Creative Multimedia (IJCM) seeks scholarly work that explores the

intersection of multimedia technology with creative content and research. This Special Issue of

International Journal of Creative Multimedia (IJCM) invites contributions from all the artists that

participated in the ANTARA exhibition (Asian Network of Technology-Art Research & Aesthetic) that

took place at Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea and Multimedia University, Malaysia. The

journal aims to be an academic extension of the artworks and its conceptual premise by discussing the idea

of light in a contemporary media culture following the theme of the ‘ANTARA’ exhibition. Research

articles will be evaluated by double-blind peer review. However, the Editors reserve the right to suggest

that the writer work collaboratively.

Research articles should:

• contain original research or scholarship

• not be under consideration by any other publication

• be written in a clear and readable style

• conform to the instructions outlined below



Submission deadline May 31, 2019
Notification of Acceptance June 15, 2019
Final Modification Deadline July 15, 2019
Ready for Publication September 15, 2019

1. Articles are welcome. Would-be contributors may send shorter, well-presented submissions.
These should also be congruent with the journal’s themes and objectives, e.g. summaries of
important ideas, descriptions of experimental activities, works in progress or research findings.
They would normally be around 2000–5000 words in length.
2. Artist Response of their works or other relevant concept/ideas, etc., are also welcome. It could
consist of images accompanied by 500–2000 words.
3. Other formats are also welcome (upon discussion with the editorial team). Kindly email

Submissions should be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message to the Editors at
vimala.perumal@mmu.edu.my. Your article should meet the required format and cover the following:

Language :                         English
Abstract :                           150 – 300 words
Key words :                        3 – 6 words
Font :                                  12-point Times New Roman
Paragraph :                        Single-spaced
Margin :                              Normal (A4 Size)
                                           (Top :2.54 cm , Bottom: 2.54 cm; Left : 3.18cm , Right: 3.18cm)
Page numbers :                Bottom-centered
Layout :                              One-column Portrait
Format :                             MS Word-compatible file
Referencing :                    References should be listed at the end of the main text. The references
                                          style follows American Psychological Association (APA) citation style.
Language :                        English
Image / Illustration :    Resolution of at least 300 dpi (Approximately 200cm x 300cm). The image
                                       should always be accompanied by a suitable caption (the omission of a
                                      caption is only acceptable if you feel that the impact of the image would be
                                      reduced by the provision of written context). The following is the agreed style
                                      for captions, and as much information as is available should be provided:
                                      Figure 1: Artist, Title of Artwork, Year. Medium. Dimensions. Location.
                                     Copyright holder information [use of Courtesy of or © should be consistent].
                                     Figures and Tables should be placed as part of the text and should be
Author Biographical :     100 – 150 words

Structure :                        Please arrange your article in the following order:
                                                1. Author(s) name(s) including institution
                                                2. Title
                                                3. Abstract
                                                4. Keywords
                                                5. Main text
                                                6. References
                                                7. Acknowledgements
                                                8. Biographical Statements
                                                9. Appendices
                                                10. Tables / Figures

The author is responsible for the original design and aims of the paper. Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are
strictly prohibited. The online submission also indicates the copyright agreement to publish the
submissions for all purpose of the journal usage without further notice.

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